These Small Behavior Tweaks Can Make You Look More Confident At Meetings

How to carry yourself with authority

Young speaker at a meeting

Little behaviors can make a big difference when it comes to looking confident, especially during meetings and other gatherings.

Avoiding some common missteps can help you make a lasting impression on your execs and colleagues.

Here’s how you can look your best at meetings, according to Forbes.

Find the right place

When choosing a place to sit at a meeting, it may be tempting to hide at the back of the table or in the far reaches of the conference room.

However, your best choice is to sit as close to the front as possible with you head held high.  This projects an image of confidence.

Hint: If it’s a round table, choose a place as close to the top brass or main speaker as you can get.

All arms on deck

Your mother may have told you to keep your elbows off the dinner table.  In the business world, sitting this way commands respect.

To give off an image of authority, sit up straight, lean slightly forward, and place your forearms on the table.

You’ll look like you want to be in the room – and that you belong there.

Gestures matter

Confident people come off as attentive and interested.  So be mindful of small, innocent gestures that may make you appear otherwise.

Slight fidgeting, like adjusting your clothing, can make others think you’re not paying attention to what’s being said, even if you are.

Another behavior to watch for: squinting your eyes when you think.

It may be natural for you, but if someone’s speaking, they may think you’re doubting their credibility.

When you aren’t taking notes, it’s best to maintain eye contact at all times, with a slight smile on your face to show interest.

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