The 3 Biggest Myths About Office Politics

It may actually help you get recognition in your workplace…


Been avoiding office politics?

Think again.

It may get you the recognition you deserve since it’s all about how the power and influence within your company affects you.

Author Louellen Essex debunks some common myths:

  • Myth: Politics is nasty business.
  • Fact: Think of office politics as a game.  How to win?  Be diplomatic and respectful, and ally yourself with effective people.
  • Myth: Only higher ups are involved with politics.
  • Fact: Employees at every level can build their image by being great performers and communicators.

Jump start your career

  • Myth: Office politics wastes time.
  • Fact: Studies show people who advance fastest in their careers spend up to a third of their work participating in office politics.



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