Staying Focused On What They’re Saying

Giving your full attention – even when you’re stressed


Do people consider you a good listener?

You probably are, most of the time.

However, when you’re running around putting out fires and the work day is getting stressful, it’s tough to give people your undivided attention.

Find the word that blinks

Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, try the “blinking word” strategy from Beverly Kaye and Sharon Jordan-Evans’ book, “Love It, Don’t Leave It”

  • When someone is speaking, identify the one word that blinks, or stands out, to you.  Example: “this project is a nightmare.”
  • Ask a question about the blinking word: “Why is it a nightmare?”
  • See if there are any blinking words in their answer, and follow up with a question about them.

Why it works: It forces you to focus and then keep probing.



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