Spice Up Your Writing

Tips to sharpen your skills


Professional writing can get rather dry sometimes.

Plus there are limits on how you can make it more interesting.

You can’t use poetic language in a status report, for example.

However, there are techniques that’ll keep your writing interesting while still following established guidelines.

Here are three ways to punch up your writing and make it more compelling while still sounding professional, courtesy of the Harvard Business Review:

1. Use personal pronouns. Although you shouldn’t use I very often, feel free to include pronouns such as we, you or our.  It makes your reader feel engaged in your writing.

2. Don’t fear contractions. Using contractions will make your writing sound more natural – without taking away from its professionalism.

3. Vary sentence structure. Using sentences that are all the same length can bore your audience.  So change it up a bit.  Include both shorter and longer sentences.

Info: bit.ly/writing13


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