Should You Accept that LinkedIn Request?

Here’s a way to help you decide whether to connect with someone…


We’ve all gotten invitations to connect with someone on LinkedIn.

Rather than give a knee-jerk reaction of accepting or rejecting them, the best approach is to use the “favor test,” says Alexandra Samuel, Vice-President of Social Media at Vision Critical.

Here’s how it works:

Just ask yourself: “Would I do a favor for this person – or ask a favor of them?”

If the answer’s yes, make the connection, Alexandra says.  If not, your best bet is to pass.

Who passes the test?

Think about favors such as contributing to someone’s charity, attending their conferences or helping them network in the industry.

“It’s the people you’d go out of your way to help or whom you trust to go out of their way to help you, who pass the favor test,” she says.

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