Secrets of Success: 4 Phrases to Avoid

Actively work toward staying positive…


To be successful – as well as happy – in life, the only thing you always need to stay positive about is yourself.

Yet sometimes those negative thoughts creep in without us even being aware of them.

To stay positive, here are four phrases you want to banish forever:

  •  “But what will they think about me?”  Don’t sacrifice yourself to impress other people.  True friends will appreciate you for you.
  •  “They didn’t answer my call/email; they must not like me.”  Avoid falling into the “It’s all about me” trap.  It usually isn’t.
  •   “I’m so embarrassed; I wish I were invisible.”  Everyone’s been there, so take a breath and tell yourself, “This isn’t a big deal.”
  •  ” I can’t believe they chose her.”   Jealousy is destructive.  If you feel you were wrongly passed over, make a plan and prove it to them.

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