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Tips to make PowerPoint presentations less wordy


The key to making effective PowerPoint slides is to make them interesting for your audience.

When creating presentations, less is more.  Slides filled with text won’t hold people’s interest.

If you have a lot of info to present, being brief isn’t easy.  Here’s how:

1. Use pictures effectively.  Images can deliver a stronger message than words, if used properly.  Pair a relevant, eye-catching image with a short description to really hammer your point home.

2. Break up the info.  Can’t find a way to get rid of certain bullet points?  Put them on separate slides.  It’s better to have a lot of short slides than a few longer ones.

3. Distribute reference materials.  If your slides are extra wordy, take some of that info and use it to make a separate reference packet.  Leave it off the slides, and hand it out to the audience so they can look it over.

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