Keep Your Career Moving Upward

4 strategies to ensure you stay in the professional loop


No matter how long you’ve been with your company, there are certain “moves” you’ll want to make to keep yourself in the loop.

Here are four critical strategies to keep in mind, says Casey Hawley, author of 100+ Tactics for Office Politics:

  • Be prepared to move upward: That means keeping an updated resume at your fingerprints. You never know when a promotion might be in store for you.
  • Pick up a second language: As workplaces become more multicultural, this can be an invaluable skill.  Buy a CD and practice during your commute.

Share success stories

  • Be tech-savvy: Sharp computer skills will help you – and everyone else in your office.
  • Spread good news: Be the “PR department” for your own successes as well as your department’s.

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