Juggling the Requests of Multiple Bosses

3 steps to make your workload more manageable

Multiple Bosses

Tending to the needs of several supervisors is difficult, even if you multitask like a pro.

Blogger and author Alexandra Levit has three strategies to help you balance the workload:

1. Know your responsibilities.

Discuss your official duties with your direct boss or bosses. Ask about what types of assignments you can expect from each person you support so you can prioritize.

2. Speak up.
Be honest about the time you have to complete assignments. If you’re working on something more pressing, say so.

Put it on your direct boss

3. Get help.

When all else fails, delegate the decision to take on extra work to your direct boss.
Say, “I’d love to help, but I’m working on a project for Mr. Smith. Why don’t you ask him if I can give you a hand?”

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