Hone Your Leadership Skills: Valuable Assets for Any Admin

3 common traits of leaders and why you should learn them


What’s your personal go-to for bragging rights, your organizational skills or your ability to communicate well?

How about your leadership qualities?

We all know admins are the unsung leaders of the business world – and you’re often leaders without even realizing it.

Here’s how to keep those skills sharp so you can be even more effective in your position:

1. Jump in

Does it ever feel like you’re sitting around waiting for a problem to be solved?

Instead of waiting, try tackling it yourself.

Being proactive is a plus!

If you don’t possess the know-how find someone else in your workplace who does and enlist their help.

Also, anytime you attend a seminar or go through an online tutorial, share what you’ve learned with the rest of the staff.

Showing initiative and taking hold of opportunities lets everyone know you’re serious about doing a good job.

2. Flip it-and own it

Do you find you’re sometimes stuck in the mindset of, “My boss told me to do this task?”

Instead, turn it around and say to yourself, “This project is mine. I own it.” Feel the difference?

This flip trick helps you become personally invested in the success of your task or project.

3. Ask for help

Delegating bonus: When you ask for help, it shows you know your limits and care more about the success of the project.

Sharing the weight of projects is a proven way to boost efficiency.

Why should you feel guilty about that?

What we may see as a weakness actually turns out to show itself as a strength!

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