Getting Other Departments to Cooperate

Remember: You all share the same goal


Ever feel that people in other departments are slowing you down and not being as cooperative as you’d like?

For the best – and most efficient – results, try these approaches:

  • Think of it as delegating: Handle a request of someone in another department like a task you’re delegating to a co-worker.  Lay out a timetable, ask what resources they might need, and confirm their commitment to taking it on.
  • Get a jump on problems: Act assertively if any obstacles or problems crop up.

Tell them you’re appreciative

  • Offer your help: You’ll get the most cooperation from others if you offer help.  Something as simple as, “Would it be helpful if I … ?” lets them know you appreciate their efforts.

Key: You all share the same goal – the success of your organization


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