Execs Say: Admins Are a Big Part of Their Success

Managers rely on their assistants more than ever
If you ever doubted how valuable you are to your supervisor(s), we now have proof!

When executives were asked in a recent OfficeTeam survey, “How important is your administrative assistant’s role to your success?” here’s what they said:

• Very important: 44%
• Somewhat important: 50%
• Not very important: 5%
• Very unimportant: 1%

So pat yourself on the back, and check out some great ideas from Forbes for keeping your value high:

Stand out

• With more than 70% of employees saying they’re not engaged in their work, this is a great opportunity for you to stand out. Take the initiative: Determine what your supervisors want before they do.

• Know your organization’s strategy and what you can do to support it.


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