Effective Business Writing

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Which of the following sentences is correct?

1. Gas prices haven’t dropped any further.

2. We promise to look farther into the matter.

3. He drove further down the highway.

If you guessed 1, you’re correct!

Furthermore, you probably have a pretty good grasp on whether you should use farther or further.

If you stumbled a bit, don’t worry. Here’s the basic difference:

Farther relates to physical distance.
She ran farther than I did.

Further is more metaphorical and refers to time, quantity or degree.
Let’s discuss this further.

Sometimes the difference can be subtle. Consider the sentence:

I am _______ into the book than Sharon.

You could logically argue for either word here.

In these cases, it’s best to go with further since its definition allows for a bit more wiggle room.


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