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Using acronyms

Take a look at this sentence:

The CEO needs an ETA on the B2B memo ASAP.

Looks like alphabet soup right?

Acronyms are helpful tools to get info to readers in a quick, concise manner.

However, including too many at once just leads to confusion.

Rules to follow

Here are some best practices to follow when you’re using acronyms in your business writing.

1. Spell it out first.  For more familiar acronyms like CEO, it’s not necessary.  If you’re using one that’s not as common, write the full text out first, and include the acronym after it in parentheses.

Example: International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP)

2. Don’t forget the article.  Just like regular nouns, acronyms need a or an before them in sentences.

3. Avoid casual abbreviations.  A rule of thumb: If you’d use it in text message, don’t write it in a memo.

Info: The Correct Use of Acronyms



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