Don’t Have Time to Take a Break? That Probably Means You Need One!

Get more done by taking a time-out


Ever feel you’d have to be superhuman to get it all done?

One way to keep up without going crazy is to schedule plenty of breaks.

Research shows taking a breather can help you get more work done in less time.

Here’s how to make breaks effective:

1. Plan your time

Instead of getting up at random times, try planning your breaks.

Reason: If you know you’ll get a breather soon, you can focus more intensely on what you’re doing.

Decide what time you’ll take your next break and put it on your calendar.

Or set a goal and promise yourself a break once you’ve met it.

2. Take short, frequent breaks

To focus and be at your best, it’s important to take a short break at least every two hours.

So be sure to add in mini-breaks throughout the day.

A long lunch break is nice, but it’s not enough to keep you focused.

Best bet: Look for excuses to get up from your desk and walk to another end of your building.

3. Make it refreshing

When you take a break, try to something that helps you relax and feel motivated to get back to work:

• Keep a book of funny short stories at your desk for a quick laugh
• Watch an inspirational video, such as one posted on
• Step outside for a quick walk
• Pull out your old vacation pictures for a quick mood boost, or
• Straighten and organize your desk.

4. Avoid energy-drainers

It can be tempting to use your break to vent and relieve stress.

However, did you know voicing your frustrations can make you feel worse?

Instead, do things that will make you feel refreshed, like stepping outside, going up and down a flight of stairs or listening to music.


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