Discussing Your Personal Life: When You Should (and shouldn’t) Do It At Work

Learn when to speak up and what to say


Most of the time, it’s best to keep details about your personal life outside the office.

However, you can’t always leave it all at the door – especially if you’re dealing with significant problems.

So how do you decide what to disclose?  Also, how should you say it?

Here’s a plan to help:

Letting it out

First, determine whether the personal info needs to be disclosed.

If it’s something that will affect your job performance, you should speak up.

If the news won’t affect your work in any way, it should stay private.

Whom to tell

When you have to spill the beans about your personal life, it’s essential to tell your boss first.


Discussing the situation with co-workers before you tell your boss could potentially put them in an awkward situation.

Plus, you don’t want to run the risk of your boss finding out through the grapevine instead of from you.

Just the facts

Only reveal the basics of the situation.

Stick to the cold, hard facts.

Getting too detailed isn’t necessary, and it may make your boss feel uncomfortable.

Cover your work

If your situation requires leave from work, you should let your boss know as early as possible.

That way, you’ll both have time to prepare.

Before you meet with your boss, write down all your duties and figure out how to cover them in your absence.

Your boss will be impressed you’ve thought so far ahead and most likely will be more willing to accommodate you.



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