Developing Strong Working Relationships With Your Supervisors

Don’t assume your boss knows what you’re accomplishing


Whether you’re fine-tuning your relationship with some of your supervisors or adjusting to a new boss, you want to develop – and maintain – strong working relationships with those you support.

The basic checklist

Every boss has certain expectations of the people who assist him or her.

According to, these are the four must-haves:

  • Credibility – Nothing establishes your credibility more than saying you’re going to do something, then doing it.  Follow-through is the name of the game.
  • Professionalism – Make it clear you’re serious about your work and willing to put the necessary time into your position.  Remember: Actions speak louder than words.
  • Caring – Your supervisors want to know you care about them.  You can show your concern by being proactive in finding solutions to problems, rather than excuses for why certain situations occurred.
  • Knowledge – Take personal stock of your skillset.  Do you have a unique area of expertise?  This can be invaluable to your supervisor.

Remind them what you do

Just because you’re working hard, don’t assume your boss knows what you’re doing.

It’s easy for anyone’s work to get lost in the shuffle.

To prevent this, come up with a short summary of everything you’re doing and, most importantly, how it benefits your boss.

Whenever possible, work pieces of this summary into your conversations with your supervisors.



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