‘Can You Please Stop Yelling?’ Dealing With Emotional People

Calming people who ‘lose it’ at work


You’ve probably dealt with your share of emotional people at work – and know it’s not easy.

It’s well worth it: Learning to help other people calm down will make you stand out as confident and capable.

Here are tips for handling three types of emotional people:

1. Help them stop crying

When a co-worker or employee starts crying at work, they’re usually embarrassed on top of being upset.

So a good strategy to help them calm down is to assure them it “happens to everyone.”

Then give them time and privacy to regain their composure.

2. Avoid fueling anger

It’s tempting to respond to anger with anger.

After all, there’s no excuse for yelling in the office.

Yet confronting someone who’s already angry will only make it worse.

Instead, breathe deeply and avoid reacting.

Suggest talking about the issue when everyone’s calm.

Once the person has gotten their emotions under control, you can find out why they were angry – and come up with a way to solve the problem.

3. Let them keep their pride

Everyone’s dealt with employees who always want to be right.

The best approach: Sidestep their power struggles.

Show them extra appreciation when they’re helpful.

Giving them kudos could help satisfy their egos.

As a consequence they just may be a little more agreeable in the future.

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