Boss Younger Than You? Keys for Success

Always keep in mind: You’re a team…


Are any of your supervisors younger than you?

The answer was a loud “yes” in a recent nationwide survey of admins.

Working with a younger boss can be tricky, so follow these guidelines from executive coach Paul Bernard.

  • Banish stereotypes: “Young” doesn’t automatically mean your boss is a tech whiz; never assume.  Also, don’t give your boss a chance to consider you a “dinosaur.”  Avoid saying, “That’s the way we’ve always done things.”  Welcome any opportunities to develop your tech skills.
  • Stick to the bottom line: Your job is to make your boss look good – period.  Don’t let age differences get in the way of that.
  • Focus on teamwork: Maybe your boss is great with numbers, however when it comes to interpersonal situations… not so much.  Look for ways the two of you can complement each other.

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