Are You a Morning Person?

3 ways to ease the pain when the alarm goes off


When your alarm goes off in the morning, are you ready to start the day – or do you automatically reach for the snooze button?

In a recent nationwide survey, slightly more than 50% of admins answered, “Are you a morning person?” with a resounding “No!”

Here are some ways to ease the pain when the alarm goes off:

Start small: Getting up early means you have to go to bed early – but that can be tough for night owls. Try
going to bed five minutes earlier than usual. Once your body adjusts, make it 10 minutes, etc.

Set a relaxing mood

Dim the lights: Bright lights (plus food, caffeine and alcohol) keep you alert. Turn off or lower some light
an hour before bedtime.

Aim for 10 p.m.: Sleep experts agree this is the time to go to bed.
Bottom line: Try never to turn in after midnight.

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