Quick Effective Business Writing Tip

Memo Writing


Occasionally you may be asked to write a memo. Following these best practices will make it more informative and concise.

Attention to format, content

A memo should be formatted using single line spaces and justified to the left-hand margin.
Instead of indenting, use line breaks to distinguish between paragraphs.

The header of a memo should include four things:

1. A “to” field with each recipient’s name and job title,
2. A “from” field with the sender’s name and job title
3. The full date
4. A short specific subject line.

Subject + Structure=Success

The first paragraph should directly state the memo’s purpose and its importance to the recipients.
Subsequent paragraphs should include more detail about the subject of the memo is important.
Paragraphs shouldn’t be wordy, and any heading should be specific.
End the memo with a brief summary of the topic and a request for follow-up action.


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