4 Strategies for Dealing with Supervisors Who Lose Their Cool

The key: Not letting their problem become yours


If you’ve ever experienced having a supervisor yell at you, you know just how unpleasant it is.

Although it’s obviously an unprofessional way for anyone in the workplace to behave, there are managers who do it more often than not. So how do you think you handle it?

Try some of these strategies:

It’s not about you

Easy enough to say that it’s not about you.

However, when someone is screaming at you, it sure feels like it is!

Keep in mind: The supervisor is probably yelling out of frustration – either with this particular situation or something that may go far deeper.

No matter what, don’t let anyone make you feel less valuable than you know you are.

Can you discuss it?

People who yell generally have egos that need to be stroked.

So consider what you’re going to say long before sitting down with your supervisor.

Find some positives to say about your job and then add, “I appreciate constructive criticism because it makes me better at my job.

“But I have a hard time hearing what you say when you yell. I’d like for you to give me feedback without yelling so I can benefit from it.”

Don’t get sucked in

Sometimes, it’s hard not to mirror the behavior of others.

Force yourself to take a deep breath and exhale slowly (it will slow down your heart rate and calm you) if you feel yourself starting to lose it.

By keeping your cool, you not only keep your sense of professionalism, but you’re letting your supervisor burn himself or herself out.

You’re not alone

There’s a good chance others are aware of – and don’t like – the fact that your boss yells. Just know you’re not alone in dealing with this.


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